Feed pumps

There are several sizes and models of pumps, even those made of stainless steel for corroding substances. With a pump, feed is easily transported trough pipes, even when the different units are far apart. There is a good pump for every need.

The pumps are constructed so that they can handle products with a high viscosity. The pressure- and suction flanges of the pump are reversible and can be set in the desired direction. The cog gear motor is connected to the pump axle with an elasticised coupling. There is continuous automatic lubrication of all moving parts.

Model NC-BSB P-400 NC-BSB P-600 NC-BSB P-601
Weight/kg 170 350 380
Electric motor/kW 5,5 11-15 15-22
Transmission Beltdrive Gear box Gear box
Capacity kg/min 230 450 600
Length/mm 800 1400 1450
Width/mm 500 700 700
Height/mm 500 500 500