Pelting machines, fox

Rotomax Digital fleshing machine

(mink beams as optional addition)

Rotomax is available as standard for foxes, and as a combination machine for foxes and minks. It has a system of variable pressure, separate for the backside and for the abdomen, which provides a good result with a minimum of damage to the skin. Rotomax also allows using higher pressure when fleshing the neck and the backside of the skin. The machine is also provided with an automatic beam lock mechanism and refleshing automation. It is also available with double blade motors.

Skinning machine

Our skinning machine brings relief to the difficult work of fox skinning. The skinning machine is ergonomically designed and easy to use. It is manoeuvred by pedals, in which its structure is rather sturdy. An accessory for mink skinning is available as an additional option.

Fat suction and cyclone

The fat suction device simplifies the handling of fat. The cyclone is automatically emptied into a barrel, wheelbarrow or larger box. The installation is fast and easy.

Tail-preparing machine

The Erco tail-preparing machine is a fast and efficient tool for the removal of fat from the tail. Apart from removing the fat, it also opens the tail.

Foxy fix

Foxy Fix is suitable for an ordinary wooden stretching board or aluminium board. The skin is fastened at the rear edge with six grip sticks. Then the board is brought into the skin and fastened at the nose to the board. The skin is stretched subsequently to the right size. The stapling is performed automatically with the desired number of staples in the back and belly. An accessory for an alumimium board is available as an additional option.

Skin remover

Efficient and gentle to the skin.

Combing machine

The Erco combing machine handles the back and belly simultaneously. With a simple manouver the nose and tail are attached, in which no drying board is needed to support the skin. Because of its efficient suction device and the pressure applied to back and belly, a perfect result is achieved. The suction device and a staple machine can be supplied as optional equipment. A stand-alone staple machine is also available. A suction device should always be used with the combing machine.

Skin shaker

This machine facilitates the cleaning up of the skins from sawdust. Approximately 5 minutes of shaking already significantly provides better results than by using a skin drum.
Available in three options:

  • floor type, stand-alone with support legs
  • ceiling type, attached to the ceiling
  • wall type, attached to the wall
Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Electric motor (kW) Flow rate (l/min)
Rotomax Digital 590 1300 1820 390 1,6 1
Tail processor 700 700 1080 59 1,1 1
Skinning machine 3030 820 1350 175 - 50
Fat suction, cyclone 1500 Ø 670 - 41 5,5 -
Foxyfix (+accessory), fox 2350 + 1370 650+600 1260+870 120 - 12
Skin remover 1870 420 220 40 - 10
Skin shaker (without legs), fox 2220 1150 (400) 2060 (420) 97 0,4 -
Combing machine (+extra comb FRQ), fox 2360 (+200) 800 1410 215 1,3 1