About us

Norcar-BSB is a family business that was established in 1979, and is found in Nykarleby, on Finland's west coast, with subsidiaries in Denmark and Estonia. The company, a world leader in farm equipment, also have a strong position in today's market within the mini loaders and industrial automation sectors.

Minkomatic Feeding Machines since 1967!

Minkomatic feeding machines have had a history of being trustworthy machines  for over 45 years, and are currently produced in a dozen different models with many custom accessories. Minkomatic are the world's most widely used feeding machine, and are exported to many countries.

Machines that can take rough handling!

Norcar's 800-2000kg class mini loaders are the market's most compact loading machines, in regards to lifting power, lifting height, and agility. Our versatile loading machines, along with over 60 different custom tools, make it possible for Norcar mini loaders to be suitable for any user in any situation.

Superior subcontracting!

Norcar automation creates custom industry solutions. Our applications include advanced robotic handling systems, conveyor belts, and conveyor systems. We perform subcontracting work such as welding, assembly, and surface treatment. We also manufacture components using CNC machining.