Feed silos

Our feed silos are made of fiberglass and there are two different sizes, 2 500 kg (5 510 lbs) and 5 000 kg (11025lbs).The polyurethane insulation prevents the feed from freezing in the winter and keeps it cool during the summer. The 2500 kg silos can be equipped with a heated hatch.

The silo framework, the silo ring, the detachable feet and the ladder are galvanized. The largest model is adjustable in height. The ladder is anti-skid coated and a safety railing can be placed either on the left or the right side. The ladder is safe and userfriendly, a pleasure for the farmer and the feed supplier.

Technical data

Volume (kg/lbs) Diameter (mm/in) Height (mm/in)
2500/5510 1500/59.1 3770/148.5
5000 /11025 2300 3870-4000/152.6-157.6